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Incident affecting Mobile App, Web API, Device Sync / Pairing

Fitbit app, web site, and API returning errors

Incident began at 2023-11-16 08:18 and ended at 2023-11-16 09:44 (all times are US/Pacific).

Date Time Description
16 Nov 2023 09:48 PST

As of 9:44am Pacific users should no longer see any impact from this incident.

From 08:18 Pacific to 09:10 Pacific, the mobile app and web app were very difficult for users to use, logging in was failing, and the web API was unavailable for many interactions involving user data.

From 09:20 Pacific to 09:44 Pacific, device sync was temporarily disabled to reduce site load, and users trying to sync their device would have seen it fail immediately.

While there is no current user impact, our engineering teams are continuing to work to investigate root causes and to improve stability of the underlying database whose outage triggered this incident.

16 Nov 2023 09:38 PST

Between 08:18 Pacific and 09:10 Pacific, Fitbit users would have had difficulty using the Web and mobile app to log in, view or edit activity information. Users would have seen blank screens, a login failure message, or empty dashboard tiles. Some third-party API users would additionally have seen http 50x errors when trying to load user data. We have mitigated the user impact to the app and API and are working to ensure that device sync remains healthy. The team is investigating the root cause, which appears to be related to high load on a central database server.